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Night-Reaper 2 years ago
The midget is the only reason im here! Anyone else agree?
allison 2 years ago
that midget can get it anyday.
Richard (Lil richy) 2 years ago
Y’all can’t deny this is weird asf lmfao white people I swear to god y’all weird asf how did I even get on here ?!?
Bruv wtf 2 years ago
Can’t believe I greedily scrubbed one off to this rubbish
Damn 2 years ago
Can’t deny the ass on that midget
Demz 2 years ago
How can there be people out there that enjoy a fucking midget and a fat woman at the same time
Dimitri 2 years ago
I am ashamed for jacking off to this =(
It was a challenge, but I made it happen.
Ree 2 years ago
I feel disgusting for busting a nut to this shit
Lame O 2 years ago
Why did I do this why
Bussa 2 years ago
Sorry, that's no BBW... A BBW is heavier set, curvy, but generally proportionate. This thing was more akin to a blob