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1 year ago
Def one of the hottest milf stars out there
Ranger 1 year ago
Damn this woman is fucking beautiful.
Cohee 1 year ago
It's Alana Cruise, not raveness
Rayveness 1 year ago
She’s a fucking legend
Admirer 11 months ago
Do you know what I find more beautiful than her her boobs are vagina is that beautiful smile if you're reading this I love you
11 months ago
If you look her up on YouTube she goes under a different name she tried to be a singer or an or a mainstream actress it's a damn shame no one to give her a chance to be what you wanted to because she has it all I wish you could have done more than pornographic movies
Occupy Wall Street 5 months ago
Now thats damn good porn. Well done to both
Tee Cee 1 year ago
To find a sweet sexy lady like that. Yummy looking. I would eat her . Yes Indeed. GS you did great this time. Lady looks deprived . I would give her all she would want.
SKdreaminginohio 1 year ago
Rayveness, you are a very beautiful voluptuous woman with the most gorgeous mound of pubic hair highlighting your gorgeous delectable pussy and clit. And then there's your perfect breasts and delectable large nipples. You are the whole package and more. I could blow a load just watching you pleasure yourself. Preferably in person, so you could squirt in my mouth. I've always been a clit and nipple man.
Anderson 1 year ago