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Sam 2 years ago
How many people want to fuck his mom reply me
3 years ago
The acting is so dumb I swear lmao
Sybian94 3 years ago
Would love to put it in my Moms ass
Afk 3 years ago
Why does the needle look like one of thoses big pencils
James 1 year ago
My mom was beautiful she didn’t hid her body she didn’t prance around nude but I had seen her also knew some secrets about her. Affairs she’s been in several every year I’m not kidding my dad travels some if he leaves the house she at the bars hunting dick or tells my sister’s pool party or there may be a swingers party come up local. My parents are swingers. And we’re nudists. Among other things. When they found I knew about the birds and bees my mom comes out of her shell I grew up overnight.
Nice 3 years ago
Ok hold up 3 years ago
My mother fucker used a needle that was a fucking pencil I mean needles aren’t that expensive
Sodomizer 1 year ago
Gotta love Cory Chase
John Lawson 2 months ago
I wish I could have been there and fucked her
Call the cops 3 years ago
No that's missed up